Can I Subdivide My Block in Perth?

You can subdivide your block of land depending on…

  1. Your area’s R codes or Residential Design Codes (R codes basically stipulate the density of housing allowed in an area along with minimum and average lot sizes)
  2. Your block size
  3. The Town Planning Scheme (it varies among councils so important to check)
  4. Position of existing dwellings
  5. Minimum lot sizes and frontage requirements
  6. Any existing easements on your Certificate of Title
  7. Any environmental constraints

Where to find all this information?

Visit the Western Australian Planning Commission website.

Talk to your council about the Town Planning Scheme in relation to your land or search your address on their Intramaps online.

Talk to a Licensed Surveyor about the process and costs of managing all or part of the subdivision process. Get a fast subdivision quote.

Can I subdivide myself?

Yes it is possible if you have LOTS of time, experience and attention to detail. However mistakes can be time consuming and costly. A Licensed Surveyor will need to to do most of the work however.

And if I don’t have the time or experience?

Please call Jurovich Surveying as we can ensure your subdivision proceeds smoothly while saving you both time and money.

We hope the information was useful for you.

Learn more about subdivision.

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