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With offices in Perth, Sydney and Adelaide, our expert residential surveyors can help you with:

Land Subdivision

Provide surveying services for all aspects of Freehold and Survey Strata subdivisions including:

  • Subdivision application: Carrying out a detail survey and provision of a subdivision design plan and relevant documents for lodgement at the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC)
  • Field survey and preparation of Deposited Plan or Survey Strata Plan: re-establishment of existing boundaries and placement of new boundary marks by a licensed surveyor
  • Preparation of plans and field notes for lodgement at Landgate
  • Clearance Collection: Request subdivision clearances from local and state authorities and preparation of endorsement documents for the WAPC

If it’s your first time to subdivide or need to jog your memory, please see the following information:

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We offer two types of subdivision quotes, a basic free quote and a feasibility study quote. The subdivision feasibility study is more comprehensive and includes the following:

We call the Local Government on your behalf and discuss the project with them, we send you the Certificate of Title and check it for any easements, provide you with a WAPC conditional approval from the same Local Government area that we have worked on previously so you have an idea of what subdivision conditions may be imposed on the job which is very helpful for budgeting purposes, along with other search documentation. We have a 24 hour turnaround (between Monday and Friday) for this service and the cost is $240 +GST.

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Re-Establishment Surveys

Repegging of property boundaries to assist with boundary disputes and construction of structures on or near the land boundary and provision of a Regulation 25A certificate prepared by a suitably qualified Licensed Surveyor. Read more about re-establishment surveys

Feature and Level Surveys

Location of existing structures on the property and preparation of a plan showing features, levels, contours and any adjoining or nearby features of interest. This type of survey is required by WAPC prior to development and also by architects/builders when designing any new residences or additions to an existing house or building. Read more about feature and level surveys

Strata Developments

We specialise in new Strata Plans, Mergers of Common Property, Strata Re-Subdivisions and Survey Strata Conversions. This includes:

  • Field survey to locate buildings and strata boundaries in accordance with the Strata titles Act and Landgate requirements
  • Preparation and lodgement of Strata Plan at Landgate
  • Preparation and lodgement of forms for approval with local authority

Learn more about Strata:

Couldn’t be happier!

I couldn’t be happier with the service Matt provided for my project. It was a complex project and I wasn’t the easiest customer, but he frequently exceeded expectations and provided excellent service while doing an excellent job. Would highly recommend.

David Frank

Brilliant and professional

A brilliant and professional team for any venture requiring quality surveying. Will definitely use again.

Alexander Freeman


Great Survey & Prompt Service.

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Our residential surveyors are based in Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. For immediate assistance and to arrange a quote, please contact us.