Built Strata Subdivision Process

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A Built Strata will have already received approvals from both local and state authorities during the building process.

This means only an additional approval from the local authority is needed to ensure the subdivision meets the building requirements of the WA Building Commission.

However, Built Stratas with more than 5 lots or with a total land area greater than 2500m2 or if they are commercial developments, require WAPC approval but in most cases this is delegated to the Local Authority.

The Process

  1. Request survey search from Landgate.
  2. Advise on any aspects of the land tenure which may impact on the subdivision.
  3. Establish boundary alignments as per Licensed Surveyor regulations.
  4. Measure buildings for drafting of Strata Plan (SP).
  5. Request unit entitlement valuation from a Licensed Valuer.
  6. Draft Strata Plan (SP) in accordance with Licensed Surveyor regulations and Landgate requirements.
  7. Examine Strata Plan and lodge at Landgate for auditing.
  8. Prepare Form BA15 upon examination of the dwellings by your registered building surveyor and forward to Local Authority for completion.
  9. Notify you when the Strata Plan is In Order for Dealings to allow you to engage a settlement agent or solicitor to create new land titles.
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