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Set-Out Survey

A set-out survey is used to set out the exact position of a proposed structure within the legal boundaries of a piece of land.

This kind of survey is very important when preparing for any type of construction work.

Basically a set-out survey involves transferring a building design onto the land itself so the builders can follow it during construction. During the process, key points are established and markers used to guide the building process and ensure accuracy.

For large scale projects, such as high rise buildings and developments, multiple set-out surveys may be needed as the construction progresses. Examples of this would be for the earthworks, roads, car parks, sewerage, water and the actual buildings themselves.

Why Are They Important?

These surveys are important for several reasons:

  • They allow for the construction to be done within the legal boundary, which is vital to ensure no boundary disputes later on
  • They enable the construction team to build exactly to plan as markers are physically laid out in front of them

When is a Set-Out Survey Needed?

  • When building anything from a small dwelling to major commercial building or high rise
  • When building roads, bridges, tunnels etc
  • Doing any extensions to existing buildings

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