Laser Scanning

We deploy various technologies to offer the best survey solutions for our clients. Laser scanning and reality capture technologies are utilized in all sectors in which we operate. We provide rapid data collection, processing and presentation of 3D colourised point clouds from field to the client.

laser scanning surveying at cockburn cement

Why Use Laser Scanning?

It is a complete data capture solution. The scanner does not discriminate and will measure whatever it can see within a given radius.

Laser scanners create point clouds, which can be colourised using photography taken from the viewpoint of the instrument. This will create a 3D model of the land and structures surrounding the scanner.


This has a number of applications and is typically used for as-built data of complex structures such as plant, platforms or concrete, deformation surveys, road pickup, building information models and fly throughs, void scanning, stockpile volumes, asset management and design vs as-constructed comparisons.

reality capture surveying of fuel plant

Recent Projects

Some of our latest projects involving Laser Scanning include:

  • Cape Lambert Screen House Refurbishment
  • Hope Downs Conveyor Upgrades
  • Cockburn Cement Stockpile Volumes
  • Whaleback Fuel Facility Upgrades

Jurovich Surveying

To get the best out of utilising laser scanning in one of your projects, contact us. We have offices in Perth, Sydney & Adelaide.