Survey Strata Subdivision Process

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Here is an overview of both the planning and survey parts of the process. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Planning Process

  1. The Survey Strata subdivision requires planning approval from the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). Therefore, we will need to carry out a site survey and prepare and submit an application to the WAPC, which takes approximately three months to be determined. This survey will locate all existing dwellings and improvements on the property and enable us to create a subdivision design which will maximise the full potential of the property.
  2. The WAPC refers the application out to various authorities for comment, eg. Local authority, Water Corporation, Western Power (hence the three month time frame).
  3. If there are no difficulties or objections, then the WAPC will issue a subdivision approval which will be subject to certain conditions.

Survey Process

  1. Following receipt of the WAPC approval, we can carry out the field survey to subdivide the lot.
  2. The next step is office calculations, Field Book preparation and drafting of the Survey Strata Plan to show the new lots and common property.
  3. We will then arrange for a Licensed Valuer to determine the Unit Entitlement for each Strata lot.
  4. Attend to clearance requests for the various WAPC conditions. At this point, you will need to pay the various costs involved and carry out the works required to fulfil the conditions.
  5. Following collection of the clearances, we will arrange for the Survey Strata Plan to receive final endorsement from the WAPC.
  6. Once the Survey Strata Plan has been signed off by the WAPC, we will lodge the Plan with Landgate.
  7. Shortly thereafter, you will be able to apply for new titles. We advise that you engage a solicitor or settlement agent to attend to this aspect.
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