two people using cad software on a surveying project

What is CAD Software?

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design and uses computer systems to make, alter, optimise or analyse a design.

Who Uses It?

CAD software is used by Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Drafters to make plans and construction diagrams. It is used to improve the efficiency and productivity of the designer and the design itself.

What Does It Do?

CAD creates images which are easily viewed and understood and if changes are needed to a certain part, the rest of the design will automatically adjust according to the changes that have been made.

It also allows the user to see their work in two or three dimensional views, rotate the images to see different views and perspectives, change the shape and scale of an image and zoom in or out on their design.

Another important feature is that it allows the creation of photo simulations to show what if any environmental impacts a new building or feature will have on the existing environment.

Highly Efficient

Before CAD software was invented, all designs, drawings, blueprints and diagrams were created by hand. Nowadays it is more efficient to use CAD which utilises mathematical equations to record each individual line as a vector, allowing easy design adjustments when changes are required.

LISCAD Surveying Software

LISCAD is an innovative and high quality land surveying and engineering software. It was designed to allow users to make landscape designs and process information from land surveys. The program allows you to import information from the devices which perform the land surveys in order to make a visual map or diagram of the area surveyed.

LISCAD contains a wide portfolio of civil engineering and integrated land surveying software modules which can be used to assist with the creation of plans and diagrams.

BricsCAD Drafting Software

BricsCAD is a drafting software which allows its users to create plans, models, images or diagrams. It has many features which can help individualise each thing created, such as the ability to define materials used, natural and artificial light and different layers and attributes.

BricsCAD provides the tools that the user needs to effortlessly create new designs and make them to exact specifications. It can also show images in two and three dimensions and lets the user make changes to designs easily.

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