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What is a Cadastral Survey Plan?

A cadastral survey plan is basically a property boundary survey. They are primarily carried out for legal purposes so as to accurately establish land ownership boundaries and usage.

Cadastral surveys show the boundaries of properties between neighbours and may include items such as easements, which are the right to cross or use someone elses property for a particular reason.

Who Can Perform Them?

In Australia, surveyors who do them must be licensed or registered on the Surveyors Board of the state they are operating in.

This is important because cadastral survey plans become part of the Australian register of property titles (also known as a cadastre) which is managed by the Land Titles Offices in each state.

When Are Cadastral Surveys Needed?

Cadastral or property boundary surveys are needed when:

  • New parcels of land are created i.e. a new estate or large land development
  • You want to subdivide your block and get several new land titles
  • Neighbours want to check their property boundaries prior to fencing or building on or near the boundary
  • You want to create and grant an easement for access or use by another party

For existing properties where boundaries need to be redefined, these surveys are commonly known as repeg or re-establishment surveys.

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