When Are Re-Establishment Surveys Needed?

A re-establishment survey is done when a lot or property boundary needs to be redefined.

Examples of times when you would need a survey of this nature done:

  • Improvements to a house or building on or near the boundary
  • Improvements to a fence or retaining wall
  • Establish exact boundaries for strata title purposes
  • Double check boundaries when buying or selling (particularly old properties)
  • Detailed survey of property is required by local council

re-establishment survey to check property boundary

Re-Establishment Survey Results

Re-establishment survey results are marked or pegged in the ground as well as shown on the Certificate of Title. This leaves no doubt in the minds of property owners and neighbours about where their boundaries lie.

Be Careful

Failure to establish the correct lot boundaries can be a major headache and financial burden if discovered after any building has taken place.

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