Many people dream of reducing their own home loan or making some money by subdividing their block.

This is entirely possible in some cases but can also cause financial loss if not done correctly with all the information, permits and people needed.

The “she will be right, mate” attitude can be very dangerous when dealing with complex and legal procedures relating to property ownership and land development.

How To Subdivide Your Block

YouTube video

If you’re still unsure about whether your block is eligible for subdivision then please watch this video before diving into the details below. Or better still, get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Subdivision – What’s the first thing to do?

The following points are not legal advice but are intended as helpful pointers to assist you in getting a fuller picture of the process of how to subdivide in your area.


  1. Start learning about what is involved in a subdivision project. For Perth and WA, there is a government website put together by the Department of Planning in partnership with the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission). This is a good place to start as the website is full of information, plans, policies and applications to help you understand what is involved. See the Department of Planning, Lands & Heritage website.


  1. Talk to your local council, Licensed Surveyor or town planner who will let you know more about how to subdivide regarding permits, certification and compliance for your local area. Tell them what you want to do and they will establish what is possible based on the size of your property, the zoning laws, proximity to neighbours and so on. They will also be able to guide you on the process, timelines and costs etc. This conversation will help you to understand whether you have the know-how, time and capacity to undertake this part of the project yourself.
  2. The WAPC will need to approve the subdivision and will be subject to conditions. We will create a subdivision design which will maximise the full potential of the property, then apply to the WAPC on your behalf.
  3. This application will be referred out to various authorities (local government, Water Corporation, Western Power).
  4. The subdivision will then be conditionally subject to a number of requirements such as providing services, demolitions & removals where required, covenants, easements and notifications could also be imposed.


  1. As part of the process, your property will need to be surveyed by a Registered Licensed Surveyor to establish new lot boundaries for the creation of separate land titles.
  2. Clearance requests will be determined for various WAPC conditions, following collection of the clearances the plan will be lodged to WAPC.

Subdivision Process Flow Chart

Source: Western Australian Land Information Authority – Government of Western Australia

how to subdivide flow chart

Project Management

Jurovich Surveying also offers a complete subdivision management service to ensure that your subdivision will progress in a smooth and timely manner, we can take responsibility for delivering your subdivision from beginning to end.

Reducing Costs and Timeframes

Managing the subdivision process is what we do, we know the process and we know the expected costs and timeframes of every stage, we will work on your behalf to reduce them.

Unnecessary works and delays can be expensive, we can find the most efficient solutions and minimise delay in turn increasing your profits.

Your Involvement

You can be involved as much or as little as you like, knowing your subdivision is in the hands of our experienced staff. Our licensed surveyors, managers and support staff will select and engage the trades, contractors and professionals that will be required to satisfy the subdivision conditions and complete title and plan documents.

We handle the process right through to the issuing of your new titles.

Residential subdivision from start to finish

Brad and his company have helped a number of my clients conduct thorough pre-feasibility on their proposed subdivisions. They can guide you through the entire process of residential subdivision from start to finish. Great people.

Mark Lancaster

Guided me through my subdivision

Very helpful and patient with my huge amount of questions. They guided me through my subdivision and all at a good price. I would use them again.

Rowan Minton

Prompt, efficient and reliable

We used Jurovich to do our Subdivision and found Clint and the team prompt, efficient and reliable at each step. Accommodated all my requests and even though I took nearly 3 years to complete my conditions for subdivision, Jurovich stayed true to the original quote. We would have no problems in using them again and have recommended them to other friends.

Joe Ago
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