standard colours for underground utility surveys painted on grass and pavement

What are Standard Colours for Underground Utility Surveys?

When a utility locating survey is carried out, surveyors paint coloured lines and markers on the ground to show what is buried below. These are also reproduced in reports and plans used for planning and construction. To the untrained eye, it can look confusing but there is a system in place that ensures safety during excavation and building projects.

Below are the AS5488 standard colours for field and location plans and sketches. The different colours are used to indicate the type of utility that is buried in the ground below.

Using different shades within each category is acceptable to distinguish features further if necessary.

Ultimately, any suitable colours can be used, but consistency across the entire site and all related data, field plans, and sketches is crucial.

Colours For Mapping & Onsite Marking

The following standard colours for underground utility surveys are used to physically paint markings onsite, as well as in reports and plans.

  • Cadastral boundaries – Grey
  • Potable Water Supply Utilities – Blue
  • Storm Water Utilities – Green
  • Sewerage Utilities – Cream
  • Reclaimed Water– Purple
  • Communications Utilities – White or black if on white background.
  • Fire Service Utilities – Red
  • Electrical Utilities – Orange
  • Gas Utilities – Yellow
  • Petroleum Utilities – Brown
  • Reticulation – Dark Green
  • Unknown Services – Pink
  • Other Features – can be any colour but must be clearly indicated in the legend.
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