Posted on 3 March

Key Developer of GIS Passes Away

Roger Tomlinson, widely known as the ‘father of GIS,’ passed away in Mexico on February 7, 2014. Tomlinson created GIS (geographic information system); a collection of computer software which can view, analyse, manage and display geographic data. Learn more about GIS. Being a visionary geographer had its challenges as Tomlinson was keen to share. He […]

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Posted on 12 February

3D Camera Smartphones? Apple is on the Move!

Hold off purchasing the latest smartphone if you can, as speculators are saying that Apple will be introducing a 3D camera into its products from late 2014. With the announcement that Apple is set to buy PrimeSense for a reported $345 million dollars, Apple is most likely looking to further enhance its dominance in the […]

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Posted on 2 January

Why is Google Mapping the Entire World?

Google not only dominates our searches online but is also set to dominate the online map markets. But aren’t they there already? Apparently not and they were not actually the first company to begin mapping our lives, towns and countries, but were the first to create interactive maps. According to Luc Vincent who manages all […]

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Posted on 18 December

Update on GPS in Surveying, Earthmoving & Construction Industry

GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is proving itself a highly valuable tool in increasing productivity and accuracy within the construction, surveying and earthmoving industries. Identified benefits of using GPS or GNSS (Global Navigation Satalite System – all the constellation systems) are that it saves time, improves accuracy, saves fuel, improves safety and saves money. In […]

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Posted on 13 December

3D Map of Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House has just received a wonderful 40th birthday present – a 3D map of itself. Scottish Ten, a group set up to record 10 Unesco World Heritage Sites, took more than 56,000 digital photos and 800 laser scans of the Opera House to create the 3D map. As a highly identified icon […]

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