Posted on 2 March

Finding A Profitable Development Block in Perth

Choosing a profitable land plot to develop in Perth relies on five key factors: Location – as they say, location is everything. Rather than looking through available land, choose an area to search in first. Select a development block which is close to an area which has a wide variety of amenities Zoning – the […]

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Posted on 27 February

Australian Smart Cities One Step Closer

Major cities in Australia are set to become smart cities even sooner, thanks to Thinxtra and Position Partners agreeing to share their Sigfox and AllDayRTK network infrastructure to enable low cost access to high precision positioning and communications services. What Benefits Will Smart Cities Bring? There are many benefits of being a smart city, including: […]

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Posted on 22 February

Perth’s First 80sqm Micro Blocks Go On Sale

Eleven 80sqm plots of residential land are now on sale in the Perth suburb of Ellenbrook. These are the smallest green-title lots approved in WA so far, but predictions are that lots will shrink to 50-60sqm within the next few years. What Has Led to the Introduction of Micro Blocks? Governments and developers are catering […]

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Posted on 5 January

Terminating Strata Schemes – Strata Title Act Reform WA 2016

Terminating Strata Schemes Reform for WA Owners of strata schemes will soon have a more transparent and easier to understand process to terminate their schemes under the Strata Title Act Reform WA 2016. Key Points Currently owners have three ways to terminate a scheme: Unanimous resolution One owner can apply on behalf of most agreeing […]

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Posted on 16 November

Better Buyer Info – Strata Title Act Reform WA 2016

Better Information For Buyers Of Strata Properties The Strata Title Act Reform WA 2016 will provide buyers of strata properties with more detailed information than they could previously access. Key Points Currently strata buyers cannot access information digitally, they are unable to know how much money is in the strata company’s administration fund and the […]

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