The change that Australia has witnessed in the last thirty years has far greater significance than the numerical values in which it is described – although the numbers themselves do give us some insight into the depth and breadth of that change.

Australia’s population has increased by over half since 1984, and the people here are living longer and earning more. In addition to seeing the highest number of births per year, Australia now draws an unprecedented number of international immigrants.

In 1984 most arriving in Australia were from Europe; today they hail from China and India.

Along with a striking increase in the level of employment, the nature of that employment has changed: the top areas of employment have shifted from the industrial to the professional, with technical, IT and financial jobs overtaking manufacturing, construction and transport.

However, mining remains the number one field of employment, just as it was in 1984.

30 years of change in australia

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Western Australia has become a popular choice for many immigrants and Aussies wishing to move for lifestyle or employment reasons.

More people however means more pressure on existing infrastructure and housing. Luckily, higher density living is now a big step closer with the Perth 2015 strata reforms.

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