Posted on 28 June

Surveyors Port Hedland

Port Hedland Surveyors Jurovich Surveying has surveyors available on the ground in Port Hedland. They are available 7 days a week and are highly experienced in all areas of residential, commercial and large scale resources & infrastructure projects. Call us now, (08) 9368 6225 or send an email. Jurovich Surveying maintains triple certification across Quality, […]

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Posted on 13 May

Perth & Peel 3.5 Million By 2050 – Govt Forecast

Perth & Peel In 2050 The WA Government has estimated that by 2050 the Perth and Peel regions will reach a population of 3.5 million, considerably higher than the current two million. The Perth and Peel @3.5million report has been created to identify what the area is like now, areas which will be in need […]

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Posted on 11 May

WA Planning Dept Model Subdivision Conditions

The Model Subdivision Conditions Schedule This is a tool which is used by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) to identify and manage the freehold, survey strata and vacant land subdivisions within WA. The Model Subdivision Conditions help to ensure that WAPC meets its statutory and policy responsibilities. They also help to reduce the amount […]

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Posted on 25 April

Early Proposal To Subdivide Australia c.1838

Proposal to Subdivide Australia Into 9 Regions 1838 was the year which saw our early European settlers propose a subdivision of Australia into multiple colonies. An article published in the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London that year explained how Australia was to be divided in nine regions using geometric lines. The Northern […]

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Posted on 22 April

Geoscape To Capture Australia’s Built Environment

Geoscape 3D representations of city areas throughout Australia are set to be captured thanks to the PSMA’s initiative named Geoscape. Using satellite imagery, it will create a record of 3D buildings and objects including tree heights, swimming pools, roof materials and solar panels. Designed to support existing individual 3D city models, Geoscape will provide information […]

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