Posted on 18 December

Update on GPS in Surveying, Earthmoving & Construction Industry

GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is proving itself a highly valuable tool in increasing productivity and accuracy within the construction, surveying and earthmoving industries. Identified benefits of using GPS or GNSS (Global Navigation Satalite System – all the constellation systems) are that it saves time, improves accuracy, saves fuel, improves safety and saves money. In […]

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Posted on 13 December

3D Map of Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House has just received a wonderful 40th birthday present – a 3D map of itself. Scottish Ten, a group set up to record 10 Unesco World Heritage Sites, took more than 56,000 digital photos and 800 laser scans of the Opera House to create the 3D map. As a highly identified icon […]

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Posted on 4 December

Announcing our News Blog

We are happy to say we’ve now got a blog for sharing current company and industry news. Please enjoy and let us know your thoughts, thank you.

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