Posted on 27 October

WA’s Best Performing Suburbs Offer Larger Blocks

Best Performing Suburbs In Last 12 Months Furnissdale, located near Mandurah, has risen in land value by 46% in the past year, making it WA’s best performing suburb. With 19 sales during the past year and an average price of $500,000 per property, Furnissdale offers buyers more land for their money too. Larger Blocks With […]

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Posted on 29 September

WA Deal Signed By GE Oil & Gas and Chevron

Sub-sea services will be provided to Chevron’s natural gas operations by GE Oil & Gas as part of an operational efficiency and production agreement signed by these two parties. Technological Help The challenging conditions faced by oil and gas companies has led them to seek ways in which they can improve conditions for their businesses […]

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Posted on 28 September

Has The Australian Mining Cycle Reached The Bottom?

Worldwide supply and demand for iron ore, gold and coal helped to drive the boom in the mining cycle. However during the past year mining companies have continued to watch the prices of these drop daily. Leveling Out With many new companies folding due to over exposing themselves to excessive financial risk, old hands in […]

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Posted on 16 September

Australian UAV Regulations Under Review

With the rise in the number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) used in Australia and the participation of Australian business Flirtey in the first legally approved and successful drone delivery in the United States, Australia’s UAV regulations are now under review. Privacy Concerns CASA is the agency responsible for the regulation of UAVs in Australia […]

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Posted on 26 August

BHP’s New Iron Ore Pit Near Newman

BHP want to begin digging a new open iron ore pit mine located 10km from Newman. EPA Approval Recommendation Received With the recommendation for approval already received from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this project known as the Orebody 32 Above Water Table is being seen as an example of BHP’s drive to continue to […]

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