3D representations of city areas throughout Australia are set to be captured thanks to the PSMA’s initiative named Geoscape. Using satellite imagery, it will create a record of 3D buildings and objects including tree heights, swimming pools, roof materials and solar panels.

Geoscape to capture and map all of Australia's buildings

Designed to support existing individual 3D city models, Geoscape will provide information about what exists at every address within the entire country instantly. During 2015 a pilot was undertaken in Sydney suburb of Chatswood and this has now moved on to Adelaide.

Key Features of Geoscape

There are three key features as identified by the PSMA. They are:

  1. All of Australia will be covered
  2. Data will be regularly updated so that it reflects the built environment as changes occur
  3. It will be linked to other geospatial reference datasets, such as the transport network and property boundary information

It is predicted that all urban areas will be captured by mid-2017 and rural by the end of that year.

Jurovich Surveying

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