Resolving Strata Disputes Will Be Simpler

The Strata Title Act Reform WA 2016 will simplify the process undertaken during resolution disputes. Currently the Act allows for disputes to be heard in one of four forums and this causes confusion for owners.

resolving strata disputes can be hard.

Reformed Strata Dispute Process

The reforms will allow:

  • The State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) to become solely responsible for dispute resolution
  • SAT the power to not only resolve disputes, but to also streamline procedures in doing so
  • SAT to impose penalties of up to $75,000 in disputes
  • SAT to amend by-laws and resolutions on their own
  • SAT to hear disputes between strata managers and strata companies

Video Overview Of Changes

YouTube video

Source: Landgate

More Authority For SAT

The reform will also give SAT more authority over strata managers. They will be able to terminate their contracts, identify it they have breached the law and order them to pay compensation if they have financially disadvantaged a strata company. SAT will also be able to resolve disputes within Community Title Schemes and Leasehold Title Schemes.

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