Terminating Strata Schemes Reform for WA

Owners of strata schemes will soon have a more transparent and easier to understand process to terminate their schemes under the Strata Title Act Reform WA 2016.

terminating strata reform for WA 2016

Key Points

  • Currently owners have three ways to terminate a scheme:
    • Unanimous resolution
    • One owner can apply on behalf of most agreeing owners
    • One owner applies on their own
  • This reform will make the termination process more transparent, safeguard owners and require a review to assess the situation before any majority termination is approved.
  • The State Administration Tribunal (SAT) will undertake a procedural and fairness review before any termination is approved.
  • The SAT will consider the financial impacts, views of every owner, tax and stamp duty impacts and condition of buildings to ensure they reach a just and equitable decision in regards to the termination.
  • Any termination must compensate every owner, whether that is by receiving full market value, removal costs, loss of business compensation or by providing a replacement apartment.

Video About Terminating Strata Schemes

YouTube video

Source: Landgate

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