Posted on 16 September

Australian UAV Regulations Under Review

With the rise in the number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) used in Australia and the participation of Australian business Flirtey in the first legally approved and successful drone delivery in the United States, Australia’s UAV regulations are now under review. Privacy Concerns CASA is the agency responsible for the regulation of UAVs in Australia […]

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Posted on 26 August

BHP’s New Iron Ore Pit Near Newman

BHP want to begin digging a new open iron ore pit mine located 10km from Newman. EPA Approval Recommendation Received With the recommendation for approval already received from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this project known as the Orebody 32 Above Water Table is being seen as an example of BHP’s drive to continue to […]

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Posted on 16 June

Energy Giants Focus On Gas (Exiting Coal)

More Gas, Less Coal… Growing gas assets and reducing reliance on the use of coal is the key message major energy giants have shared during the World Gas Forum in Paris. Total, Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell are all sending out this message, showing that gas production is where energy companies are putting their money for […]

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Posted on 26 May

Perth Kings Square 6 Twin Towers Proposal

Image: West Australian Newspaper. Perth’s CBD has taken another step forward with the plans for Kings Square 6 being lodged with the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority. Plans show that this proposed seven staged project will spread over one hectare, including twin apartment towers. 563 Apartments plus Retail With the twin towers having 42 and 48 storeys, […]

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Posted on 17 April

$114 Billion Valuation for WA Resources

WA’s recent resource evaluation has given it a value of $114 billion, making it the most valuable state for resources in Australia. This value is lower than 2013’s value, however it’s only lower by less than 1%. Area experts are pleased considering the lower iron ore price and challenging economic events of the past few […]

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