With the rise in the number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) used in Australia and the participation of Australian business Flirtey in the first legally approved and successful drone delivery in the United States, Australia’s UAV regulations are now under review.

uav drone in flight

Privacy Concerns

CASA is the agency responsible for the regulation of UAVs in Australia and the current Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 are not able to comprehensively cover growing privacy concerns. This is because the current regulations only cover the safety aspects of drones near people and property.

Balance of Law and Practical Use

CASA will need to balance the need for both commercial and individual rights to privacy with the knowledge that any laws implemented need to minimise the use of ‘red-tape.’ This is particularly true for businesses which take aerial photos of properties and the surrounding area that need clarification of the height their UAVs must fly at to avoid trespassing on private land.

Jurovich Surveying

We use UAV’s where appropriate for surveying purposes and embrace the need for tighter regulations around this emerging technology. In the hands of professionals, they are an effective tool that deliver excellent results for our clients however the scope for misuse by the untrained or unethical is becoming all too obvious.

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