Posted on 23 December

2014-2015 – Biggest Infrastructure Works in Australia’s History

With the Australian government having made a commitment to invest in the country’s largest ever infrastructure program, both rural and metropolitan areas are set to boost their competitiveness and economic growth. Western Australia WA is one of the areas set to benefit considerably from this investment to improve its infrastructure. The Perth Gateway WA Project […]

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Posted on 28 October

Leica Supports a ‘First’ Yacht Odyssey

Leica Geosystems are sponsoring Italian sailor Matteo Miceli in a yachting first; a non-stop trip of 27,000 nautical miles around the world. He began this voyage on on October 19th, 2014. Non-Stop What makes this yacht odyssey a world first, is that Matteo will not stop for additional food or fuel for the entire journey. […]

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Posted on 27 August

FIFO Challenges For Mining Companies

Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) workforces are great at providing mining companies with a ready source of workers, yet they can also be a logistical nightmare. Having to organise the travel, accommodation and work schedules for hundreds of people at a time is a daily occurrence for mining companies who are unable to recruit local […]

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Posted on 20 August

Thoughts on Surveying

Surveying is a profession which can be tracked back to the time of the Ancient Sumerian Priests in 3000-1000 BC, the Egyptians and also the Greeks in 600-200 BC.

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Posted on 15 July

Google Acquires Skybox Satellite Company

Google’s online maps are about to improve in detail and accuracy thanks to its $500 million purchase of Skybox Imaging. Source: Skybox Imaging Improved Online Mapping With the ability to send satellites into earth’s orbit, Skybox will provide Google with the opportunity to generate another income stream by selling images for use in apps and […]

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