Staged Strata Reform

Staged strata development as it currently stands in Perth and WA can be difficult to work with and does not allow for any alterations in the order of development. Consequently, there are some reforms which are being introduced to ensure developments run more smoothly.

This Video Explains It Well

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What Does This Mean?

A staged strata development varies from a normal scheme in that it is completed in stages, rather than just once at the end of the project. Occasionally it is necessary for a developer to vary the order the stages are worked upon.

The Problem It Will Solve

Currently it is very difficult to alter a staged development as it requires consent of the owners and caveators of lots within the scheme, as well as those who hold a registered interest in the lots of the scheme. As a result, if consent was not granted, the development stops and unfinished buildings reside next to complete ones within the development.

The 2016 reform will allow a larger range of minor variations to occur without the need for consent. There will also be the introduction of deemed consent, with interested parties having 30 days to provide their written objections or they will be deemed to have consented.

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