Community Title Schemes Reform

2016 sees the introduction of Community Title Schemes to replace the existing strata schemes. This has come about as it’s often unclear who pays what costs and who is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of different facilities.

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Ideal For Large Scale Developments

The new community title schemes are ideal for large scale developments. They will act as the large umbrella type parent at the top of the hierarchy, with multiple sub-schemes next and moving down to strata companies existing under the sub-schemes.

Community title schemes will make is easier to:

  • Share facilities between developments
  • Identify the community property that owners can use and must pay for
  • Identify the secondary community property that secondary owners can use and pay for (sub-scheme)
  • Identify the common property that all owners can use and must pay for (sub-scheme)
  • Allocate costs in a similar and fairer manner

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