Posted on 24 July

Possible Iconic New Concert Hall For Perth?

Perth residents and critics have mixed emotions about the design of a new opera house called The Arc, created by aspiring designer Shane O’Riley. With critics likening the design to ‘six nuns in a rugby scrum’ and ‘a bony fish,’ O’Riley says he envisions his design to provide visitors with the opportunity to experience being […]

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Posted on 28 May

Stunning 3D Sand Designs & Construction

Building sandcastles on the beach or even sand sculptures, has taken on a whole new meaning due to the creation of these stunning 3D sand designs in New Zealand. Mount Maunganui, two and a half hours drive from Auckland, has lovely beaches worthy of visiting. It seems that they are also the place to design […]

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Posted on 26 May

See Topography of Antarctica With No Ice!

The British Antarctic Survey team have created Bedmap2 which used decades of data, including images from NASA’s Ice, Land and Cloud Elevation Satellite (ICESat) and from Operation IceBridge, to create a stunning and detailed map of what exactly is under the ice in Antarctica. Why? Antarctica’s ice is constantly moving towards the sea, forced on […]

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Posted on 29 April

New Anketell Port Planned for the Pilbara

The Pilbara is set to be the new home of the Anketell Port, in a deal between the Aboriginal owners and the West Australia Government. The Ngarluma People The deal will provide the Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation with a payment of $20 million spread over nine years, which will help provide community infrastructure and create jobs […]

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Posted on 28 April

Compare 30 Years Of Change In Australia (1984 and 2014)

The change that Australia has witnessed in the last thirty years has far greater significance than the numerical values in which it is described – although the numbers themselves do give us some insight into the depth and breadth of that change. Australia’s population has increased by over half since 1984, and the people here […]

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