Posted on 13 March

GPS & Einstein

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Einstein are two things that seem so far apart from each other, that they could not possibly have anything in common. But Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, created over 100 years ago actually plays a critical role in our everyday lives. Effect On Time Einstein’s Theory of Relativity refers to both […]

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Posted on 18 December

6000 Homes for $3.2 million!

One bargain hunter seems to be in the process to bag themselves’ a great deal by having placed a bid of $3.2 million to purchase over 6000 foreclosed homes in Detroit. $500 Each First impressions show that this seems to be a total bargain, with each property only costing $500. Yet any new owner may […]

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Posted on 30 October

Brain GPS Nobel Prize Winners 2014

Three international scientists have been awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize in medicine for their research which has discovered that human brains have a type of internal GPS system. Internal Mapping British scientist John Keefe and the Norwegian husband and wife neuroscientist team of May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser, were given the award after having proven […]

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Posted on 30 September

Mapping The Ocean Floor

1977 saw the creation of the world’s first complete map of the ocean floor, completed by two oceanographers from Columbia University named Marie Tharp and Bruce Heezen. Their map helped show what nobody had ever seen before, what it actually looked like at the bottom of the sea. Image Source: Marie Tharp Maps Early As […]

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Posted on 29 September

The Smart Helmet – Is This The Future?

Workers from industrial workplaces may soon have a new everyday product to assist them to do their jobs. Called the DAQRI Smart Helmet, it looks like a smaller version of a hard hat with a transparent screen over the wearer’s eyes. DAQRI Smart Helmet Hi Tech Hard Hat Full of start of the art IT, […]

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