DAQRI Smart Helmet for work sites
Image Source: DAQRI website

Workers from industrial workplaces may soon have a new everyday product to assist them to do their jobs. Called the DAQRI Smart Helmet, it looks like a smaller version of a hard hat with a transparent screen over the wearer’s eyes.

Hi Tech Hard Hat

Full of start of the art IT, the hard helmet works alongside a controllable wrist watch and integrates easily with existing computer based software and hardware. The wearer is able to see contextual 4-D images in real time from the Smart Hard Helmet’s transparent display screen, which can be read both in bright and low light levels.

Work & Learn

More experienced team members can help their lesser knowledgeable peers by collecting information from the different aspects of their work and workplace, which is then stored in a centrally located system. Then when the newer or less experienced workers visit a particular site, they can get the stored information for the expert to help them complete their task.

Jurovich Surveying

It appears there are many useful applications for the smart helmet and it’s going to be very interesting to see this new technology put through it’s paces in a variety of real world work environments. Who knows a few years down the track, it may be a case of… ‘where are my keys, phone and smart helmet?’ …before heading on-site.

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