A Little History

Surveying is a profession which can be tracked back to the time of the Ancient Sumerian Priests in 3000-1000 BC, the Egyptians and also the Greeks in 600-200 BC.

If you want to dive a bit deeper, here’s some more about the history of surveying.

It is the Greeks whom we credit with creating many of the concepts of geometry used by surveyors today.

Two Main Areas

Surveying is a profession which can be broadly broken down into two main categories; construction surveying and land surveying. Most surveyors choose one of these two categories to specialise in.

Land surveyors are responsible for researching and locating property boundaries, while construction surveyors assist with the creation of highways and buildings.

Technology & People

While technology such as total stations, GPS, UAVs and various software packages have become important aspects of current and future surveying practises, it’s a certain kind of person who really enjoys and excels in using them to measure and evaluate evidence.

Surveyors often have certain strengths in common such as being detailed orientated, highly accurate, adventurous, excellent data evaluators and for all these reasons will have a logical argument to support their decisions.

Surveying is an interesting profession in that it encompasses precision execution using a high skill set and cutting edge tools, all while operating in some of the most unlikely and remote locations you could imagine.

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