Leica Geosystems are sponsoring Italian sailor Matteo Miceli in a yachting first; a non-stop trip of 27,000 nautical miles around the world. He began this voyage on on October 19th, 2014.


What makes this yacht odyssey a world first, is that Matteo will not stop for additional food or fuel for the entire journey.

Start of the Voyage

YouTube video

Self Sufficient

Travelling in a Class 40 racing boat, Matteo’s self-sustaining trip has been designed to show that sailors are able to provide for their own needs by using resources from nature, such as fish and collected rainwater. It will take approximately five months for Matteo to complete this yachting odyssey, meaning he should be done by late March, 2015.

See how Matteo Miceli will be self sufficient during the voyage.

YouTube video

3 Leica Geosystems GR25 GNSS Receivers

His trip is being monitored by professors from the University of Rome and the Polytechnic Turin. The professors are using three Leica Geosystems GR25 GNSS receivers to measure wave height, record wave characteristics to establish a polar diagram of the boat’s speed and work out the dynamic stress and durability of the materials of the boat itself.

Jurovich Surveying

An amazing effort by sailor Matteo Miceli and wish him all the best. We are also pleased to see technology from our surveying industry being used in the important voyage.

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