Ground Penetrating Radar

Our GPR scanning surveys with ground penetrating radar are perfect for underground utility locating and mapping. We can provide accurate data and maps of any underground services present in your target location.

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using ground penetrating radar to locate underground services

GPR Scanning Surveys

We provide utility locating services with advanced integrated GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) scanning surveys that can detect and map buried:

  • Telecom cables
  • Water pipes
  • Sewerage pipes
  • Electric cables
  • Gas pipes
  • Old conduit
  • Tanks

Perfect for locating and preserving these services or finding them for the purpose of fixing faults or moving them.

Fast Results

This technology is fast. Data can be exported to CAD and GIS, and reports can be produced directly on site in 2D or 3D. Services can also be physically marked in a way agreed with our clients.

Non Invasive

Another huge benefit of GPR scanning is that there’s no need to dig holes, break through concrete or asphalt, drill or remove anything. We simply scan underground and get a clear picture of what lies underneath.

Ground Penetrating Radar – The Opera Duo

See the Opera Duo in action…

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Jurovich Surveying

For underground cable location services and pipe location services, please get in contact to discuss your project and arrange a quote. Jurovich Surveying has offices in Perth, Sydney and Adelaide.

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