Port Pirie Smelter Redevelopment

Client: Monadelphous Location: Port Pirie, SA

Engineering Surveying at the Port Pirie Smelter

On site at the Port Pirie Smelter redevelopment providing a primary contractor with engineering surveying support.

We supplied surveying services to the primary SMP contractor Monadelphous, supporting a skilled work force of more than 160 people.

Major SMP works involved in constructing the new TSL Furnace and supporting infrastructure. The TSL is made up of modules in excess of 700 ton each and reaches a height of 84 meters.

Other significant works requiring surveying services on site include complex crushing and mechanical systems, pipework, ducting, conveyors, trestles, trusses and gantries.

jurovich surveying on site at port pirie smelter redevelopment in south australia.

surveying at south australia's port pirie smelter redevelopment.

top down view from the port pirie smelter redevelopment in SA.

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Port Pirie, SA


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