gps satellite orbiting the earthGPS (Global Positioning System) technology is proving itself a highly valuable tool in increasing productivity and accuracy within the construction, surveying and earthmoving industries. Identified benefits of using GPS or GNSS (Global Navigation Satalite System – all the constellation systems) are that it saves time, improves accuracy, saves fuel, improves safety and saves money.

In productivity however, the gains have been immense with the Productivity Commission stating that the construction industry became 14.5% more productive in the nine years to 2011 due to the introduction of GNSS and GNSS’ improved cost efficiency.

With the development of CORS networks (Continuously Operating Reference Station), GNSS users will have access to local reference points. This will provide a cheaper alternative to providing and maintaining their own reference station for their GPS/GNSS to use, as well as allowing users a larger area to work within.

For more information about GNSS in these industries, please click GPS and Australian construction.

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