drones or nodes that wait under the ocean
Source: DARPA

Nonlethal and unmanned drones or nodes which lie at the bottom of the sea for long periods of time, have begun to be researched and developed by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). They have been named Upward Falling Payloads (UFP).

For The Future

Designed to stay dormant under the ocean until activated remotely, the drones are part of the US military’s plan to help combat future threats from new technology.

Activating These Drone Nodes

When activated, the drones will rise up to the surface and then open revealing the payload. They will then launch the payload without the need to have any physical resources within the area.

Phase Two

With phase one being focused on designing these drones, phase two of the project will concentrate on communicating with them.

Key Attributes

The key attributes successful UFP models will need to have are to have the ability to withstand extreme pressure and sea water for long periods of time, be able to be reliably activated remotely and rise to the surface to launch their payload. They will not need any fuel on board.

Jurovich Surveying

These undersea drones or nodes will no doubt play an important role in defense. Meanwhile airborne drones are increasingly being used in the commercial sector. Please contact us.

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