Signs Of Structural Damage…

signs of structural damage

Identifying the signs of structural damage when purchasing a home can save you plenty of heartache and money further down the line.

  • There are two main causes of structural damage: sinking foundations and invasive tree root damage
  • Leaky pipes and blocked soak wells are the most common causes in sandy areas
  • Signs of structural damage in sandy areas include cracks in the walls, uneven floors and expanding cracks in the ground, common north and south of Perth
  • Broken pipes and tree roots are the main causes of damage in clay areas, mostly found in the hills and far south of Perth
  • Signs of structural damage in clay areas include tree roots which have spread out seeking water
  • Much damage is easily and affordably remedied
  • Sinking foundations are mostly caused by leaking pipes, where the ground underneath the footings subsiding due to excess moisture
  • It is recommended that home owners are proactive and have their pipes checked every two years to prevent further damage occurring

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