Say goodbye to viewing old flat paper maps to find your way around the city; according to one map creator… it looks like smelling your way is where we are heading in the future!

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Smelly Maps

Kate McLean, a self-styled olfactory experience designer, is taking maps away from just visual tools and has been creating ‘smelly maps’ to allow you to smell different cities around the world without even having visited them.

Based on Community Opinions

When creating her maps, Kate tend to design them over a period of five days because smells do vary depending upon time of the day and even the weather. She creates her visual interpretation of her smellscape using the opinions of a wide range of interested people from the local community. She pinpoints the sources of the smells and marks where the smell carries to on top of a regular map.

What’s Next?

With most of Kate’s maps currently being static, she is keen to incorporate technology via Apps to allow people to build upon her maps throughout each day and add their smell interpretations to her work.

Jurovich Surveying

This is a new take on some old technology (our noses!). Let’s see where it leads us although it may face a struggle competing with maps on smart phones.

You may also be interested in building information modelling which is sensory mapping of the visual kind.

Please contact Jurovich Surveying.

Learn more about Kate McLean’s sensory mapping.

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