largest meteorite impact zone

Meteor Impact Zone 400 Kms Wide

A team of geophysicists completing a geothermal drilling survey, have found a twin meteorite impact zone 400 kilometres wide next to the borders of South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory in Central Australia.

Cited as the largest impact zone ever found in the world, scientists have said the meteorite which made the crater would have split moments before crashing into the ground.

Exact Date Not Confirmed

The team’s lead researcher Dr Glikson noted that they have been unable to pinpoint the date when the meteorite impacted. Even though surrounding rocks can be dated to between 300 and 600 million years old, there is no meteorite evidence there to confirm the date of impact.

No Crater Left

While the crater caused by the meteorite strike no longer exists, the impact zone itself was found during a two kilometre deep drilling survey down into the earth’s crust, which is over 30 kilometres deep in that area.

Jurovich Surveying

We can’t claim to have found any meteorite impact zones but with the amount of surveying we do around Western Australia, we stand a very good chance. Please contact us.

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