two surveyors with Amberg trolley system for rail surveys

Announcing the Introduction of Amberg Trolley System for Rail Surveys by Jurovich Surveying

Jurovich Surveying is excited to announce the addition of the Amberg Trolley system to our suite of advanced surveying equipment. This state-of-the-art technology represents a significant enhancement in our capability to deliver precise and efficient rail surveying services across Australia.

What is the Amberg Survey System?

The Amberg trolley system is a highly efficient tool designed specifically for the as-built surveying of existing railway lines. It offers powerful interfacing for selective data transfer to various applications and subsequent analyses, ensuring comprehensive and accurate results.

The acquisition of the Amberg rail trolley allows Jurovich to complete rail surveys faster, more accurately and more efficiently than traditional rail survey methods. Key uses for the trolley include:

  •  Identify track position errors as a basis for construction and maintenance of ballast track
  • Comprehensive and efficient reporting on as-built track coordinates and other track parameters such as gauge, superelevation, twist, and versines with powerful integration
  • Comprehensive design data definition possibilities (absolute/relative alignment) including various interfaces for import and export
  • Interactive correction-data preparation for all current tamping machines (e.g. Plasser & Theurer, Matisa, Harsco)
amberg rail trolley

Our Comprehensive Rail Track Survey Services

At Jurovich Surveying, we offer a wide range of rail track survey services to assist clients in both the installation of new rail tracks and the maintenance of existing ones. Our services encompass all associated infrastructure within the rail environment, including civil engineering elements, overhead wiring and signalling, electrical infrastructure, and statutory regulatory documentation.

Our team provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Control Surveys: Establishing and maintaining control networks to ensure the integrity of rail assets.
  • Track and Turnout Installation: Collaborating with installation teams to ensure tracks and turnouts are constructed according to design specifications.
  • Track Monitoring: Providing manual and automated solutions to measure and manage the movement of rail tracks and supporting infrastructure.
  • Specialist Standard Surveys: Adhering to specific survey standards set by rail asset owners throughout Australia to ensure compliance and accuracy.

Why Choose Jurovich Surveying?

With a team of professionals possessing diverse knowledge, extensive experience, and the ability to scale our operations, Jurovich Surveying is uniquely positioned to support rail projects across Australia. Our commitment to utilising the latest technology, such as the Amberg Survey system, ensures that we deliver high-quality and efficient surveying services to our clients.

For more information on how Jurovich Surveying can support your rail track projects, please contact us today.

Elevate your rail project with precision and efficiency — choose Jurovich Surveying.

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