The Sydney Opera House has just received a wonderful 40th birthday present – a 3D map of itself. Scottish Ten, a group set up to record 10 Unesco World Heritage Sites, took more than 56,000 digital photos and 800 laser scans of the Opera House to create the 3D map.

As a highly identified icon of the 20th Century, the Sydney Opera House can now be assured of receiving all the maintenance and conservation measures it requires to continue to stand proudly at Sydney Harbour. Scottish Ten have already created virtual maps of five historic sites in Scotland and the scan of the Sydney Opera House is the fourth international site to be completed.

The new 3D virtual Sydney Opera House will become accessible from online all over the world, providing opportunities for tours and detailed exploration in areas not usually seen when visiting in person. The 3D map is planned to be used in education programs and gaining new virtual visitors to explore and engage with the Opera House.

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